Monday, November 16, 2015

Muller Hill

Thanks to Melanie Zimmer and Joscelyn Godwin for their work with the distribution of funds; one result of which was getting the signs repainted at Muller Hill. We did not donate any money, but tried to do so to the state to pay for the repainting. Instead they offered to have them repainted.

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Funds have been disbursed


The funds have been disbursed see below. A few of us made an effort to try to see if we could donate to an organization in Georgetown, Unfortunately, the Georgetown Historical Society is not a registered 501-c3 so we could not donate to them. We tried Muller Hill and the DEC and that did not work out; although signs at Muller Hill will now be painted and new ones put in, so we had some affect. We looked at....

As was discussed we donated to the  Gerrit Smith estate ($1,340) and Madison Hall ($500), and $41.13 will be applied to buy park benches at Onondaga Lake at a future date.

Thanks for everyone's help and interest in our effort to buy Spirit House.

I will continue to post occasionally if I hear something; if nothing else keep a historical record of the house's deterioration.

I imagine the house will again come up for sale, but given Rexie's lack of upkeep and maintainance not much of it will be left.

madis senner

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Lawn Still not mown

Unfortunately Spirit House has not been properly maintained. The house is in desperate need of repair the grounds are going to ruin--the lawn has not been mown as of September. The following pictures were taken September 8, 2015.