Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Email sent to Spirit House Society Members on June 21, 2015

Dear Spirit House Society Member, 
I hope that all has been well with you.
This fall will mark four years since Spirit House was purchased by one of our members, Resurreccion Dimaculangan, for her own use. While our effort disbanded I did not distribute the $1,900 we had raised after expenses to other non-profits. I would like to do that now.
Sadly, it appears that Rexi has done nothing to preserve Spirit House. The paint has continued to peel and some parts of the house such as the sunroom, on the south side, are almost all bare wood. The lawn looks like it has not been mowed this year and is over a foot high. There are dozens of connected white half barrels on the front lawn that are collecting water and mildew. My understanding is that the barrels were supposed to be some sort of a fence. I will send you a separate email with some pictures; I am not attaching them to this email as I am concerned that they might be flagged as spam.
My inclination is to donate the money to non-profits in Madison County where Spirit house is located. Many in Madison County were helpful and encouraging to our effort. In particular I am thinking of the Abolitionist Hall of Fame in Peterboro and Madison Hall in Morrisville. Dot Willsey of the Abolitionist Hall of Fame tabled at our events and was very helpful and informative to my queries. Although our event at Madison Hall was not the success we hoped for, Mountain Bob treated us like royalty and were accommodated as to the charge.
I welcome input on where you would like the money to go. As I noted my inclination is to donate it to organizations that were helpful to our effort.
You have some time; so reflect on what you think should be done and email me. I would like to have resolved this by yearend.
I look forward to hearing from you.

madis senner

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  1. I'm disgusted. I passed by this house every day on the bus taking me to Georgetown elementary school. That someone would be sneaky and buy it and let it rot when there was a movement to preserve it is beyond my understanding.